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Presidency of the Council of the European union is a great task for a presiding Member State. Considering many expenses that have to be met during the presidency, lesser expenses are often partly covered by sponsors. This is therefore a matter of national competence for the member state holding the Presidency.

Sponsors of the EU2020HR are exclusively Croatian public firms. The possibility of benefiting from sponsorship of the Presidency for any company is excluded.

The EU2020HR has so far signed eight sponsorship agreements. Three of the eight provide in-kind contributions (water, juice, coffee). Four provide financial contributions in the following amounts:

  • HP- Hrvatska pošta d.d. - 150.000 HRK;
  • HPB - Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. - 150.000 HRK;
  • HC - Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. - 100.000 HRK;
  • HEP - Hrvatska elektroprivreda - 100.000 HRK.

Finally, the national oil company - INA - is the official gasoline supplier.

Hrvatske ceste
Hrvatska pošta
Hrvatska poštanska banka
Hrvatska elektroprivreda