Host Broadcasting Services - HRT

Hrvatska radiotelevizija - HRT (eng. Croatian Radiotelevision) is the host broadcaster for the Croatian Presidency.The HRT will provide audio-visual material in broadcast quality (HD) free of charge to any interested radio station and television channel. The footage provided by the host broadcaster will include:

  • Arrivals and doorsteps in the original language
  • Handshakes (welcome by the host) in the original language
  • Tour-de-table in the meeting room
  • Final press conference (in the original language plus HR, EN, DE, FR)

The live feed can be received:

  • at the National and University Library (in the Press Centre or in radio/TV booths)
  • on-site at the HRT’s OBVan (Production vehicle)
  • at the HRT headquarters:
    Hrvatska radiotelevizija, Prisavlje 3, 10 000 Zagreb
  • Via the Europe by Satellite (EbS)

The HRT will have its own info-desk in the Press Centre of the National and University Library in Zagreb, the central meeting venue of the Presidency. The host broadcaster will provide the following additional services:

  • technical support
  • registration for and allocation of 5 stand-up positions (via satellite)
  • registration for and allocation of SNGs

Additional broadcasting requirements should be requested in advance directly from the host broadcaster and will incur charges. Please contact the host broadcaster directly.

Europe by Satellite (EbS)

Europe by SatelliteEurope by Satellite (EbS), the European Union's TV information service, also provides material from Croatian Presidency meetings via satellite and online to media professionals. For complete schedule of broadcasts please refer to

The audiovisual material made available on the website of EbS is offered free of charge for EU-related information and education purposes. For more on copyright, please refer here.

Radio/TV editing booths

There are 12 radio/TV editing booths available at the Press Centre in the National and University Library. All bookings and additional technical requests are managed by the Croatian Presidency communication team. Please contact:

Host Photographer Services

All official photos taken by the host photographer team will be published on the Croatian Presidency’s Flickr channel ( The photos will be provided free of charge in digital format and printing quality and will include IPTC metadata.

Please contact: