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Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for Competitiveness (Research)

Within the Presidency of the Republic of Croatia, an Informal Meeting of Ministers for Competitiveness (Research) will be organized on 3 and 4 February 2020 at the National and University Library in Zagreb.
As is customary, during the Presidency of the Republic of Croatia at the Council of the European Union, in addition to the two regular meetings of the Ministers responsible for Competitiveness in Brussels, an Informal Meeting of Ministers for Competitiveness (Research) will be organized on 3 and 4 February 2020 in Zagreb.

The program envisages that delegation leaders visit the Rimac Automobile Electric Car Factory on the first day, February 3, to produce the first car manufactured and exported by Croatia as a country, followed by a gala dinner at the Mimara Museum, a precious example of the Neo-Renaissance palace.
The Ministerial debate will take place the next day, 4 February, on the topic of brain circulation and a vision of the future European Research Area.
Brain circulation is a positive form of mobility involving scientists and researchers who, through their movement, contribute to the diffusion of existing knowledge and the absorption of new knowledge. The focus is on attracting talent from around the world and sharing knowledge in the Member States.
The topic will be discussed from the perspective of the well-being of researchers (social and labor rights), collaborative networks (including intersectionality and interdisciplinarity), increased participation of researchers and the research community in relevant research and innovation programs, and complementary action in the form of national-level measures that support brain circulation. Two key speakers are scheduled, namely: Mr. Philippe Busquin and Mr. Mate Rimac. Former Commissioner of the European Commission Busquin participated in the launch of the European Research Area (EIP) in 2000. In his speech on the 20th anniversary, he will give an overview of what he has done so far and his vision of how to achieve fair, balanced and efficient brain circulation as part of the new EIP. Mr. Rimac, as one of the most influential Croatian innovators and creator of the first Croatian electric car, will explain from his perspective the importance of knowledge circulation as a precondition for competitiveness.


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