25/02/2020 | 00:00 | Meetings

Informal Meeting of the Network of Territorial Cohesion Contact Points (NTCCP) and Urban Development Group (UDG)

The key task of the expert meetings is to prepare the meeting at the level of officials or directors, which will take place on April 27-28, 2020.

Regarding the theme of territorial cohesion, the aim is to contribute to the overall revision process of the existing Territorial Agenda.

With regard to urban policies, the meeting will discuss the implementation of the Urban Agenda for the EU and the next steps following the verification of the Urban Agenda process.

Croatia's specific topics to be discussed at the meetings are Green Infrastructure in Urban Areas and Circular Spatial and Urban Management in Urban Areas.



25/02/2020 00:00 - 26/02/2020 00:00
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Council Configuration
Transport, Telecommunications and Energy, TTE