28/04/2020 | 00:00 | Meetings

Informal Meeting of Directors General on Terrorial Cohesion (DGTC) and Directors General on Urban Matters (DGUM)

This meeting will bring together Directors-General responsible for territorial cohesion and urban matters.

In terms of territorial cohesion, the goal is to further discuss and come to preliminary conclussions regarding the renewal process of the EU Territorial Agenda. As for urban policy, Directors-General will discuss and give support to the implementation of the Urban Agenda for the EU process and discuss further actions needed following the assessment of the Urban Agenda, based on the conclusions of the UDG meeting.

Croatia’s specific themes for the meetings are Green infrastructure in urban areas and Re-use of space and buildings in terms of transition to a circular economy. The meetings are organised by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning.

28/04/2020 00:00 - 29/04/2020 00:00
Event Category
Council Configuration
Transport, Telecommunications and Energy, TTE
Šubićeva Conference Center , Šubićeva ulica 29, Zagreb