18/06/2020 | 00:00 | Meetings

EUPAN DG - Directors General Meeting

Directors General discuss issues within the main domains of EUPAN on a strategic level and coordinate the direction of the network.

Discussion within the DG meeting focuses on both development and methods of improvement of public administration, together with the main challenges and issues that public administrations in Europe face. Directors General plays an important role in setting specific targets for the network in accordance with the guidance and visions of the Ministers. EUPAN Directors General are involved in drafting and approving the EUPAN Strategy Paper. Their role also includes discussion of strategic topics in line with the Strategy Paper and the Rolling Programme, as well as the evaluation of the reports issued by the delegates at the working level. As for their decision-making competencies, the DGs approve the Strategy Paper and the Rolling Programme, as well as other main findings, reports, proposals, and recommendations, revise the targets if needed and adopt necessary findings.

The general setup of the DG Meeting during HRPRES will consist of plenary sessions with presentations and keynote speeches, and workshops, where issues will be discussed in more depth. The aim of these workshops will be to create a deeper understanding of the respective topic, to dive into the topic from the perspective of leadership and goal setting, and to deduce the most important findings of the working level, and how they could be applied in the Member States.  The DG meeting is a unique platform for Director Generals responsible for public administration in the Member States to exchange knowledge, experience, good practices, to discuss solutions to common challenges faced by public administrations of Member States, and to inspire change towards an effective and sustainable reform of public administration.

18/06/2020 00:00 - 19/06/2020 00:00
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Council Configuration
General Affairs, GAC
Šubićeva Conference Center , Šubićeva ulica 29, Zagreb