15/04/2020 | 00:00 | Meetings

EUPAN WL - Working level Meeting

A working-level meeting of EUPAN is composed of experts from the EU Member States, the European Commission, and observer countries. Working-level delegates are experienced civil servants working in one of the two main domains of EUPAN.

The 2 main domains of EUPAN are 1) Human Resources Innovation & Organisational Development and 2) Service Innovation and Delivery. Each Presidency selects several topics for discussions and workshops during the working level meeting. These topics are in line with the main domains of the EUPAN, the EUPAN Strategy Paper as well as the Rolling Programme in force.

The main focus of EUPAN during HRPRES is on strengthening trust in public administration by addressing topics such as application of new digital technologies in public administration, development of complex digital services for citizens and businesses, implementation of innovative tools in civil servant's ethics infrastructure, and employee performance in the civil service.

Participants of the Working Level Meeting will be 2 nominated delegates from each EU Member State as well as the European Commission. EUPAN Members can bring additional topical experts on selected issues where relevant. In addition, this meeting will include representatives from observer countries. The observer countries which will be invited during the Croatian Presidency are Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Turkey, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. It is to be noted that the observer status of Montenegro and Serbia was approved in the EUPAN Directors General Meeting during FIPRES.

The main purposes of the Working Level Meeting include knowledge exchange, learning from best practices, brainstorming through interactive discussions, preparing initiatives, projects, and proposals in the areas of EUPAN, establishing areas of interest for closer cooperation and selecting topics for discussion during the DG meeting. The Working Level Meeting will consist of plenary sessions (to introduce the program, deal with general issues, provide space for relevant presentations and draw up conclusions) and parallel workshops (that allows each participant to actively participate in discussions within smaller groups and in their selected topics in order to attain deeper knowledge of the respective topic).

15/04/2020 00:00 - 16/04/2020 00:00
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Council Configuration
General Affairs, GAC
Šubićeva Conference Center , Šubićeva ulica 29, Zagreb