13/03/2020 | 00:00 | Meetings

EUPAN 5 WL - Working level Secretariat Meeting

The EUPAN 5 Working Level Secretariat Meeting gathers members of EUPAN 5 (formed by the current Presidency together with the previous one, the two following Presidencies and the European Commission - 5 members) at the working level, with the purpose of supporting the current Presidency in carrying out its tasks.

The role of EUPAN 5 is to ensure continuity and implementation of the EUPAN Rolling Programme agenda and to assist the current Presidency in shaping the agenda of the working level and Directors General meetings. Moreover, EUPAN 5 Members monitor the work and results of all EUPAN meetings in order to provide useful information to current and future Presidencies on upcoming issues. The EUPAN 5 Secretariat works on connecting different viewpoints and ideas of the working level, as well as on creating a relevant and inclusive working-level agenda for the current Presidency.

This first EUPAN meeting during HRPRES will serve to introduce the Croatian EUPAN Team and the objectives and goals of HRPRES. The Meeting will include a discussion of the upcoming meeting agenda as well as any other topics of interest. The EUPAN 5 Secretariat Meeting is to be concluded by a presentation of the priorities of the upcoming German Presidency, in order to demonstrate the continuity of the work done by EUPAN.

13/03/2020 00:00 - 13/03/2020 23:59
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Council Configuration
General Affairs, GAC